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Why partner with VICINNITY?

If you’re a hotel with same-day, unused room inventory or looking to completely sell out rooms or want to accept bookings until 4 am, we can help you:

1. Stay Up-to-the-Minute

As part of our user-friendly, on-the-go booking system, you can easily update your rates and inventory right down to the minute!

2. Connect to Our Booking Site

VICINNITY is the future of distressed booking. As a hotel partner, you will be listed as one of our exclusive hotels ready to room distressed passengers who have fell victim to circumstance and require same-day booking.

Vicinnity Features
Vicinnity Features

3. Sell Inventory Through Our Airline Partnership

We can help you fill your hotel. You will have priority access to distressed passengers who have been provided with a 20% discounted promo code from our partnered airlines. Connecting to airlines is the latest trend in keeping your hotel full.

4. Receive Payment Quickly and Securely

Through VICINNITY’s accessible online tool, you can manage and adjust room inventory in real time, maximize room utilization and avoid lost revenue. When guests book a reservation through VICINNITY, hotels will then receive a virtual credit card with the booking confirmation.

5. Create Guest Loyalty and Repeat Visits

After being in a distressing situation, airline passengers are looking for accommodations that can turn their circumstance around. As a hotel partner, you have the ability to improve the guest experience and create repeat, loyal customers.

For additional information or to enrol, contact Sandra at [email protected].


Registering to become a VICINNITY hotel partner is easy. Simply fill out and submit our online form, and we will get back to you once we have reviewed your application. VICINNITY is currently accepting new hotel partners in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Apply today — spots are limited!

Currently, we are looking to partner with hotels in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. We use a selection criteria to choose our hotel partners to ensure distressed passengers select from the best hotels. We are currently accepting applicants to expand our roster of hotels. Register your hotel today — it’s quick and easy!

Distressed passengers are travellers who require same-day hotel accommodations due to unpredictable changes related to their air travels. Through our online booking system, hotel reservations can be made by selecting the “Airline Pay” option or the “Passenger Pay” option (using a promo code provided).

All payments for “Passenger Pay” reservations are received by our hotels immediately by VICINNITY Virtual Credit Card. No direct billing or invoicing is required. VICINNITY does all the admin work and will charge passengers accordingly.

If a Reservation is “Airline Pay,” the hotel receives a fax or email with the rate and reservation details. The hotel directly bills VICINNITY and receives payments directly from VICINNITY.

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