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Why partner with Vicinnity?

If you’re a Toronto hotelier with unused inventory, we can help.

We can help you stay up-to-the-minute

As part of our user-friendly, on-the-go booking system, you can easily update your rates and inventory. At your own comfort and discretion—and with only a couple of clicks on your desktop or mobile device—your same-day rates can be up-to-the-minute!

We can help you connect with desirable travellers

Vicinnity specializes in attracting a key and growing market segment: urban and tech-savvy consumers who prefer to make bookings and payments from their mobile devices. And our user-friendly interface and location-based services allow just that.

Vicinnity Features

We can help you sell same-day inventory

In the hotel business, timing is everything. “Yesterday” often means lost revenue. We can help you keep your hotel full. Vicinnity meets your needs by selling your same-day bookings. And it surpasses your expectations by simplifying the management of inventory and rates. (We’ve even teamed up with Wex Inc. to create a virtual credit-card system that expedites B2B payment processing!)

We can help you receive payment—and faster

Through Vicinnity’s accessible online tool, you can manage and adjust room inventory in real time, maximizing room utilization and avoiding lost revenue. Likewise, you’ll receive a user’s payment within minutes of a completed transaction. Reservations through Vicinnity are prepaid, non-cancellable and non-refundable, guaranteeing you payment for your hotel room.

We can help you maintain rate integrity

By using an opaque booking model (i.e., users don’t know the hotel until they’ve booked and paid), Vicinnity protects your hotel’s rate integrity . We display inventory based on location proximity, star ratings, amenities as well as the hotel’s specified discount level. Our model is not based on profit to the service provider, nor do we apply the penalties that come from listing with traditional booking sites.

Vicinnity Features

Vicinnity means simplicity. Start selling rooms now.

For additional information or to enroll contact Sandra at

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